Fifty Facts About Scorpios

Alexandra Anthony:

This is me…I had to reblog. I am a true Scorpio, through and through.

Originally posted on WriteThisDownNow:

You know, people often wonder a lot of things about me–and I mean a lot. Why don’t I go to parties frequently? Why am I so quiet? Why am I so unhappy? Why do you never smile? Trust me, the list goes on and on, although it really shouldn’t.

The truth of the matter is that I’m simply a Scorpio. Lately, I’ve been fairly interested in zodiacs–those based on the Hellenistic religion that change based on the equinoxes and eclipses, not the sidereal zodiacs. I’ve been especially interested in mine, and based on what I’ve found, I’m surprised at how much my zodiac says about me, how much about me is a Scorpio. I found this tumblr called The Zodiac City, and they thoroughly, through various tagged pictures, describe the characteristics of a Scorpio.

Facts about Scorpios:

1. They hold trust above everything else in the world.

2. They…

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One response to “Fifty Facts About Scorpios

  1. My fellow Scorpion You are true to the sign posting this and probably arguing with yourself about if you really want others to know so much yet wanting to be understood. I wrestle with this aspect daily. i like you do not put a high value on money and tend to over spend LOL .. I am usually misunderstood and I have given up trying to let others into my depths of thoughts and feelings for the most part BUT to those whom I am CLOSE to i try always to let them see me and understand the woman I am. I long for intellectual as well as physical stimulation and interaction and love to push the envelope in both areas. Love a good debate but hate to argue so that is just a bit about me and I am also a TRUE scorpion woman. passion is a way of life NOT just a feeling. hugs to all of you and THANK you to Alex for posting this great informative albeit telling piece to those that DO PAY ATTENTION Theresa

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