A taste of temptation…an excerpt from Tempted (The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1) #Books #Vampires @AlexAnthony80

As I work feverishly away on Rapture…I’d thought I’d give you a taste of Tempted and Nick Hart…



Nick paced the length of his dressing room, his voice barely audible as he sang a cappella through his set list.  Only halfway listening to him, I was preoccupied, working on setting up a radio interview for him during our quick trip through Paris.  I glanced over the top of the laptop to see him blur across the floor.  He looked like a streak of black to my human eyes.

“Why are you so nervous? You’ve done this a hundred times.” I asked curiously.  He skidded to a stop in front of me and lifted the laptop from my hands so he had my full attention.

He never did anything halfway and his dark gaze was almost too much to bear.  I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t fight the pull he had over me.  When had I gone soft?

“You’re here.  And you’ve never seen the whole show.” He frowned and his whole face darkened.  “But mainly, I’m going to be thinking of you in that dress and that mouth of yours all night.  And you’ll be all alone…”

Ah, that was when it happened.  I giggled and leaned over to ruffle his fashionably messy hair.  “This mouth will be anxiously waiting your return.  I’ll be fine, Nick.”

“Vixen,” he admonished with a dimpled smile.  Moving swiftly, he had me pressed back into the chair, his lips meeting mine in a demanding kiss.  His hands had just begun to creep between my thighs when there was a sharp rap on the door.

“Nick.  Five minutes.” The muffled voice barked through the door, breaking the moment between us.

Our lips parted and he reluctantly stood up with both hands bracing the arms of the chair.  He brushed his lips over my forehead.  “I want you to stay close to Ian tonight.  I worry about you.  Even more so ow that I see you’re wearing that dress.”

Yet another reference to my dress.  “Is it too much?” I gave him a light push and stood up, twirling around, the red flouncy skirt twirling around my thighs.  “Let me guess.  You worry because I’m a fragile human.” I waved him off.  “Like I said, I’ll be fine.  You do your sexy musician thing and I’ll be waiting for you.  Anxiously.”

My flippant attitude didn’t go over well.  He yanked me closer and his already worried face twisted in his sudden anger.  “You are fragile, Savannah.  I could lose you at any second.  Do you know what that’s like to know that I could…”

His voice trailed off and he took a deep breath, releasing his iron like grip on my arms.  He shook his head and stalked towards the door.  He turned to talk to me but refused to show me his eyes.  “Please stay with Ian.”

Inwardly groaning at his words, I clenched my hands into fists.  He had no idea how much I dreaded spending two hours of time with Ian.  He was a nice enough man, but in the weeks I’d spent with Nick, I’d yet to hear him speak.  And there was the whole werewolf thing that was unsettling to me…but the worry on Nick’s face made me reconsider any of my potential arguments.  I let my hands relax.

“I’ll stay with Ian so you won’t worry,” I let out a sigh and managed a small smile, attempting to keep my voice on an even keel.  “You need to understand that I’m not going to change my entire life to be with you.  I work for you…and we’re, well, we’re whatever we are.  And sweetheart, the reality is that you can’t save me from everything.”

The door cracked open and a blond man with a headset peeked his head in.  “You’re on in two.”

Nick nodded swiftly at the man and his eyes shifted back to mine.  The usual warmth was gone and his eyes were cold and emotionless.  “We’ll talk about his later.”

He strode from the room without a second look back, his broad shoulders stiff.  Dressed in black from head to toe, once again he reminded me of an avenging angel.

An avenging angel with a shitty attitude thanks to yours truly.

Running my fingers through my hair, I dropped back in the chair.  I grabbed my laptop and started typing away, finishing the interview questions and answering e-mail from European radio stations that were requesting interviews.  All of the e-mails were forwarded from Isabelle.  Just seeing her name put me in an irritable mood.

As I scanned through the messages, I knew the exact moment he took the stage.  It wasn’t the pounding beat of the drums.  It was the roar of the crowd.  Closing my eyes, I imagined him on the stage in front of the crowd.  Desire coiled angrily in my stomach as I thought of his hands on the guitar, the lights gleaming off his hair.  He would look like pure, unadulterated sex.

A tap on my shoulder brought me out of my reverie.  I blinked to see Ian standing above me, his rugged face expressionless.  His auburn hair was slightly wavy, his pale golden eyes staring down on me.

“Did Nick send you back here for me?” I slammed shut the laptop lid and tossed it on the couch next to me.  “I see you get to do his dirty work.  You’re a lucky man.”

He said nothing, but one eyebrow rose slightly and the corner of his lip twitched before he regained his look of impassiveness.

Huffing loudly, I stood up and fumed as I headed towards the door.  I opened it and turned back around defiantly.  “I hope he’s paying you well, Ian.  If not, you deserve a raise.” Tossing my hair back, I headed towards the stage with Ian on my heels.

I came to a screeching halt at the end of the backstage area.  The contrast between the darkness of the stage and the pulsing bright spotlights made Nick look more ethereal than usual.  He looked too beautiful, too perfect to be real.  His fingers seemed to glide across the guitar strings.  I wondered if over time, seeing him like this will lose its effect…just like it’d had been with every other man.

It was highly doubtful.  Nick was anything but typical, vampire or not.

Watching with rapt attention, I was lost in his entire act like a love-struck fan girl.  I’m not sure I moved for nearly two hours.  I forgot that Ian was hovering over me and that Nick was likely still highly pissed off at my unconcerned attitude.  I was lost in him.  Stunned at the way he worked every inch of the stage, the pure emotion and energy he managed to put into every song was incredibly beautiful.  Even the numerous transfers of guitars with the stage crew managed to look effortlessly sensual.  His hand off showcased his rippling muscles, an entertaining distraction from the adoring screams from his admiring fans.


Tempted (The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1)  is available on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords….

One response to “A taste of temptation…an excerpt from Tempted (The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1) #Books #Vampires @AlexAnthony80

  1. Oh man I love me some Nick being all intense. His insecurities where Savanah is concerned melt me. I can’t wait to continue reading more of their story.

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