A random experience that changed my life @AlexAnthony80

Normally I’m writing sexy stories and sharing erotic pictures.  Not today.  Today I’m going to share an experience I had last night.  It will stay with me for the rest of my life…

Last night, I’m at the movies shoving buttered popcorn in my mouth without a care in the world and this man comes in and sits down beside of me (the theater is packed so there was no buffer of having an empty seat beside of you that I so thoroughly enjoy, but I digress). We’re sitting in a somewhat comfortable silence, watching the mindless, banal trivia questions flash across the screen and all at once the man makes a smart ass comment about one of the questions. Of course, me being equal parts smart ass and bitch, I laugh and respond with something equally as snarky.

I opened up a door for him.

Long story short, this man had been a Special Ops in the Marines. He was a snarky, smart ass…but he had a haunted quality about him. The smile never reached his eyes…and it made me a bit sad to see someone so altered by what he’d experienced. We made casual conversation about the military…his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq for the next ten minutes until they dimmed the lights for the movie to start. It was then that I looked over at him and said, “I don’t always agree with war, but I want to thank you for what you did…what everyone in the military does for us.”

He drew in a deep breath and patted my hand, which normally would have been off putting to me. I’m not one for strange people to do something so familiar, but I didn’t move or offer to pull away. He replied with something that will linger with me for some time, “I knew I was supposed to sit by you. When I walked in, you just gave off a light that drew me in and I can breathe.”

Before anyone eye rolls at this story or what I’m about to say, I once had a psychic tell me that I give off an energy that draws some people to me, good or bad…that if I chose to cultivate that ability I could be a healer of sorts. Anyway, I’m off topic (shocker). What I can only hope is that just listening to him talk and offering him a kind word did something good for him last night. This experience will stay with me for quite some time, as will the brief, yet powerful stories he shared with me.

Thank you to all service men and women…and to Mitch, the man that sat next to me at the Lego movie. You do what most don’t want to do. You risk your life to protect ours….so thank you to anyone that is military and I hope if you are troubled, you can find some peace in your life.

4 responses to “A random experience that changed my life @AlexAnthony80

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s so sad how some people don’t realize the sacrifices of others for our country as a whole.

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