Hump Day Hook for February 5th, 2014 #HumpDayHook @AlexAnthony80


It’s Wednesday…and that means it’s time for the Hump Day Hook.  It’s the time when our group of kick ass authors get together and share a snippet of a published book or a WIP…and it’s romance week! This week, I’m going to share a snippet of Awakening (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 3).  Last week was dark, and this week we’ll see a playful Stefan.



Tears filled my eyes and I hastily blinked them away before they had the chance to spill over.  He reached for my coffee cup and took it from my hands, setting it on the table.  He stood up, offering me his hand with a tender smile.  “Please.  Come with me.”

My eyes traveled the length of his long, powerful body.  His red silk sleep pants hung low on his waist, the rippled muscles of his stomach pale in the dim light of the living room.  His broad chest and shoulders glistened and in spite of myself, I wanted to run my hands over the velvety expanse of his skin.  My body craved to feel the hard muscles of his body with my hands, wrap myself completely around him until we were one in every way.

“I need to feel you, vackra,” Stefan crooned softly.  “Please.”

I couldn’t refuse his final plea.  He was difficult enough to resist, but when he was so charming he was impossible to refuse.  Reaching for his hand, I was surprised when he swept me into his arms in one swift move, tucking my head under his chin.

“Afraid I’ll have second thoughts?” I teased.  He tightened his arms around me, carrying me down the hallway into our bedroom.

“Possibly.  You have a way of keeping me on my toes, vackra.”  Stefan gently placed me on the bed.  His fingers made short work of untying his sleep pants and letting them pool around his feet.  He stood beautifully naked at the end of the bed for my inspection.

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