Tantalizing Tuesday for February 4th, 2014- Part VII of ‘The Couple on the Train’ #Books @AlexAnthony80


Every Tuesday, several talented writers are known to gather. They each choose a picture that inspires them and write a two hundred word teaser to tantalize and titillate. This is where the writers information and links are given,to get your taste buds going.Make Tuesday your favorite day of the week. Look forward to your Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser!

This is my picture for the continuing story of the couple on the train…


“Please…” she moaned, her head thrashing across the pillows.  She tugged at the restraints futilely and even though the leather was soft and supple, she wanted to feel the slight burn of them digging into her wrists.  As they burrowed deeper into her tender flesh, it only made her wetter.  Her thighs were slick with her arousal, yet he simply hovered between her legs, his fingers casually and teasingly slipping through her wet heat.

“Please what, sweetness?”  He spoke in a clipped, measured tone.  Even though she couldn’t see him, she could imagine his eyes flickering over her and a smirk tugging at his lips.  His eyes would be dancing with undisguised amusement as he took in her grinding hips and soft mews of frustration.

Damn him…and damn the fucking race.  He had her right where he wanted her.  And they both knew it.

She swallowed back the exasperated scream that bubbled in her throat. “Please.  Please.  I need you…”

His fingers stopped just as they circled her clit.  “Are you forgetting something?”

Swallowing, she nodded and her back arched.  “Please, Sir.  I need you.”

“You do?  Do you need this?”  His voice was sweet and tender again.  She’d pleased him and her stomach burned in anticipation.  Her reward was the blissful release at the sensation of first one finger slipping inside and then a second, her inner walls clenching tightly around them, pulling them deeper.  Groaning in relief at the sensation of his long fingers buried inside of her, she instinctively rocked against his hand.

“Did I give you permission to fuck my hand?”  His voice was sharp and hard and he withdrew his fingers quickly.  “You know there are rules, lover.  And for that, a punishment is in order.”



To be continued…

Keep Hopping!

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11 responses to “Tantalizing Tuesday for February 4th, 2014- Part VII of ‘The Couple on the Train’ #Books @AlexAnthony80

  1. I love the way you write; the way you string words together in such an artful, erotically sensuous way is salacious. Your clever insight into their ongoing relationship is well deacribed. The twists and turns you inject heighten the tension and erotica every time. Splendid. xo

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