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Huge copy 2 new name

I know quite a few of you are anxiously awaiting the release of Rapture and Revelations, but the little book I put on the back burner just had the heat fired up under it again. I was approached by a West Coast publisher who is interested in one of my new books. Since I don’t want to use one of my series books, I’ve decided that I’m going to hand things over to this publisher and see where things go. I will retain full rights to my copyright, but this has the possibility in getting me premium space in bookstores.

As this book is nearly complete, all of my focus the next two weeks will be on completing Covet the Darkness. I know you are waiting for Nick and Stefan, and I am working on those books as well. Juggling two series and stand alone books can be time consuming to say the least.

I appreciate your support and patience.


A snippet from Revelations – Stefan speaks #Books #VampireRomance @AlexAnthony80


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I’m going to share a snippet of the prologue of Revelations. This is where we see a glimpse ahead of things to come for our couple. This book is one of transition, revelations and acceptance…sometimes bitter and difficult to contend with. Both Josephine and Stefan have much to come to terms with in this installment. 

Without further ado, I’ll turn it over to Stefan.


Even I could not have predicted this level of destruction. I had witnessed the pure ferocity and wrath of my mate’s shield firsthand; yet even I was speechless as I stood at her side. For the first time in many centuries, I found myself unsure of myself.

We were both silent and unmoving; neither of us able to find the necessary words that were needed to sooth the other. It wasn’t until I felt her tiny hand slip into my own that I released a ragged breath of relief. That single touch not only reassured me that all was not lost; it also began to repair the tattered tethers of our broken bond.

She had purposely cut the connection we shared. Her powers had grown significantly in the months since her immortal change, her shield transforming and changing as quickly as she mastered one aspect of it and discovered a new facet. I worried about her rapid transformation. In this life, she was very young. It made no difference that she was an ancient soul and had experienced much in her other life, both with and without me. In this life, she was mine to protect. Mine to love. Mine to cherish.

Josephine was a frustrating paradox. A vampire with no sire, she was uncontrollable and unpredictable with a hair-trigger temper. And my beloved had been pushed until her patience vanished and her wrath exploded in a violent release that made her show of leveling trees and bursting windows look like mere child’s play.

“I’m sorry.”

Her whispered words were hoarse and hollow without true emotion behind them. With our bond firmly restored, I could feel her internal battle. She longed to feel remorse, yet she couldn’t find it in herself to truly mean what she said.

Lacing her fingers with mine, I chuckled humorlessly. I had not risked looking at her, as much as I longed to. I did not want to see the realization of her actions deaden her emerald eyes and harden her flawless face. I never wanted blood on her hands; I would gladly slaughter an army than have a death, no matter how deserving, on her soul.

“Come now. You are not sorry, vackra. It is acceptable in this situation to not feel guilt. Nor should you.”

Her hand tensed and relaxed. She exhaled and a bitter laugh fell from her lips, echoing throughout the room. “You’re right. I’m only sorry you had to see…this.” It was then my eyes shot to her as she shook her head from side to side, her wild copper hair falling over her eyes. “I tried to shield you, to keep you away. But you tracked me here anyway. My guardian vampire.”

Anger and disappointment coursed through me, battling for control. I struggled to keep both from my voice as I spoke. “I am not only your husband, I am your mate and guardian, as you are mine. Why would you choose to keep me away? I never wanted this for you. Never.”

Josephine turned to face me and she reached to cradle my face with her free hand. Her green eyes were bright with unshed tears as her fingertips danced across my cheek, her touch loving and hesitant. “You still don’t understand, do you? I’ve done enough to you for a hundred lifetimes, Stefan. I sentenced you to a life where you’ve had to do things….horrible things.” Her voice shook with emotion as a pink tear slid down her face. I longed to brush it away, yet I didn’t dare move. I was ensnared in this moment, fixated on her hushed admission. “I didn’t know then what I was doing. I was childish and you were dying. I couldn’t lose you and I couldn’t save you. Solveig…it was the lesser of two evils. At least at the time I thought it was. Now…”

Josephine’s face took on a faraway look and she began speaking again before I could reassure her. “And if I could save you from more souls on your conscience, then I’ll do it. I would do anything for you. I would leave if I had the strength. In fact, I should  to keep you safe after what I’ve done here today.”

Her eyes dropped to the floor briefly before her gaze met mine again, filled with resolve and fire. “But I’m not strong. I’d die without you. So I’ll spend an eternity trying to atone for what I did to you and hope that it’s enough.”

She was correct. If we were separated for any length of time, neither of us would survive. It was not only the bonding that bound us; it was the strength and pure honesty of our love. We were truly the other half to the others soul. We had been empty until we found one another. If she would meet her end, I would follow. I could not exist in a world without her, nor would there be a purpose.

©2014 Revelations Alexandra Anthony

No part may be reproduced without the permission of the author.

Goodbye – May 20th, 2014 @AlexAnthony80


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It is the end.
it is the beginning.
A destroyer of dreams;
A renewer of hope.

Like closing a book,
the emptiness is palpable;
the fulfillment beautiful.
It is a  journey’s bittersweet completion.

It is never easy to do
It is unavoidable.
Left behind in the wreckage, the void is gaping.
That is the power of a goodbye.

Closure @AlexAnthony80 #SundayPoetry


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Occasionally, I try my hand at poetry. It’s a challenge for myself when I suffer from a bit of a block. It is a break from what I write, and my thoughts flow differently.

This is one I wrote this morning. Enjoy  –  and be gentle.



Her eyes were soft as she gazed upon him;
memorizing the shadows of his face
the ghost of a smile that tugged at his lips
the confident set of his shoulders.

Her heart was hard as she gazed upon him;
remembering every harsh word he uttered
the condescending cadence of his voice
the smugness that seemed to emanate from his very being.

Her resolve was firm as she turned away from him;
criticizing herself for all of the moments she wasted
the realization of all the signs she chose to ignore
the closure of a whispered goodbye.

300 Word Monday – The Breakfast @AlexAnthony80 #Books


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Good morning, lovelies. I was inspired to write this little 300 plus word short this morning. Enjoy… I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.




It was something about the way he spoke to her; the subtle cadence of his voice. Even it was quietly controlled. She was able to notice the various inflections as they caressed each word, growing softer and deeper with his sentiment. And his eyes…they gleamed like embers as they stared into hers from across the table. The were unreadable to her, both impish and probing. Each question he asked was perfectly timed and planned. He was doing his best to read her every move and she was fully aware of his scrutiny. He missed nothing; from the way she nervously fiddled with her fork, the way her finger swept around the lip of her coffee cup.

They were strangers navigating through banal small talk, although this time, it was face to face. There was no computer screen to hide behind, no allowances for inner reflection before speaking. Her every flaw was on display for him to read, and there was no question as to what he was thinking as he spoke. His small smiles, a subtle cock of his eyebrow spoke volumes to her.

The attraction was there between them, the sparks leaping from their skin without a single touch exchanged. It left the air charged and heavy with unasked questions. Yet still they ate and talked, plunging forward through this song and dance. They appeared as any other couple might to a casual observer. They were simply two people having breakfast together, connecting over coffee and hushed conversation.

It was only when they parted that a bit of that thinly veiled desire surged. As she began to turn to leave, he no longer wanted to wait. His touch was confident, yet gentle….commanding, yet controlled. His lips met hers in the most enticing of kisses. It wasn’t a typical first kiss, filled with fumbling and insecurity. No, this was a kiss filled with promise; of the unspoken need for more. And even when he broke away briefly and she uttered a breathless “that was nice…more…”, the small exhale of his breath and the feeling of those soft lips on hers again told her she had touched something within him that she wanted to explore, no matter how much she told herself she shouldn’t.

It wasn’t until he released her and softly nuzzled her hair with his nose that she realized she was already in way too deep.

And she didn’t want to escape. She wanted to plunge head first into the abyss, common sense being tossed aside.

Opinion Piece: Feminism, Submission, and Dominance…Oh My! @AlexAnthony80 #opinion


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There was an article in Time Magazine recently where Shailene Woodley stated she was not “a feminist”. She’s not the first celeb of late to make such a statement. Kirsten Dunst also made that comment in a UK magazine. And any woman that states that is being criticized. Why?!?

I totally get what they are saying…because honestly, we still aren’t “equal”. Women make less money than men. And that won’t change anytime soon…

Let me explain why statements of women “not being feminists” of late do not bother me one bit.

Why? I consider myself a feminist. Socially, I want equal pay, equal rights and control over my body. I don’t need a man to define me…I can do just fine without one.

However, let’s delve deeper into this. Sexually, I consider myself having submissive qualities. I want a man that is strong enough to stand up to me (I can have a tough outer shell to crack). I don’t want a whiny, metrosexual wimp that lets me bulldoze over him. That grows old. Quickly. Behind closed doors, I want to turn my power over to a strong, Dominant man and simply let go. It’s wonderfully freeing to just simply FEEL and not think.

I know…many of you are scratching your head, wondering how the two pieces of Alexandra fit together. How can someone opinionated…and well, sassy ever be submissive in any way?

The answer is simple. When you find the right person, it’s easy to hand over control

Submission is not about being a doormat. It’s not about whips and chains. It’s about trusting someone enough to let down your walls and to remove your mask. It’s not about social standing or money. But I digress.

It’s perfectly acceptable to believe in letting a man be in charge sometimes. And it’s ok to be a feminist. As women, we are complex creatures.

And that’s ok too. It keeps people on their toes.

Rambling Thoughts of a Writer…


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Instead of sharing a bit of a story I’m working on, I’m going to simply write about my life for a bit. Feel free to grab a coffee or a blanket. You may need it to stay awake, or for a nap.

Friendship is a difficult thing at times. It can ebb and flow, it can be rocky and treacherous. I am blessed to have quite a few wonderful friends in my life that lift me up when I am down…cry with me…and most importantly, they laugh with me.

I’ve also had friendships where over the course of time, petty jealousies emerge. Backstabbing commences. Hurtful things are said. Foolish things are done in the name of revenge.

Not everyone is going to like me. Some will tolerate me, some will hate me…and yes, some will love me. I want to live my life and not be bogged down with pettiness, with neediness and bitterness.

Life is much too short.

Some people put high expectations on friendships; some that are impossible to live up to. I’ve discovered very few know how to be a friend. It requires equal part empathy, respect, boundaries and love. If one is missing, the friendship will collapse like a house of cards in a gust of wind.

The moral of the story…a friendship has to be cultivated. It has to be treated with respect. There has to be give and take.

Much love to you all,



Easter Blog Hop 4/21-4/27 @AlexAnthony80 #Books #Erotica


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This Easter hop has two grand prizes: a digital romance set plus $50 Amazon gift cert OR a Kindle HD Fire!

I’ll be giving away a swag pack and a signed paperback of Divine: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories to a random poster that will be chosen by

I’m going to share an excerpt of Divine: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories.  This snipped is from the story titled “Red”.

Divine big


Another 15 minutes passed by. She was losing patience and she ripped her glasses from her face angrily, once again scanning the room. This time, she noticed a man sitting at the bar. And he was staring at her intently, as if he were memorizing her every feature.

He was tall, with thick wavy black hair. Even from this distance, she noticed that his dark skin seemed strangely luminous in the dim light of the bar. His eyes were covered with dark rimmed glasses, the lenses a smoky gray. He was handsome in an unconventional way. He was tall and self-confident. Better yet, he was young.

Did she mention he was extremely sexy?

Eve felt a stirring deep in the pit of her stomach. She hadn’t felt it for some time. She was extremely turned on just by staring at the strange man.

Eve cleared her throat nervously and she uncrossed and crossed her legs. She smoothed her skirt and watched him, arranging her expertly painted lips in a friendly grin. It was unlike her to offer a smile like that to a stranger. But she was drawn to this mysterious man in the bar. She hoped that Malcolm Goldman would be a no-show, bonus or no bonus.

He didn’t look away when she made eye contact with him, but his mouth broke into a wide smile and his white teeth gleamed brightly when he noticed her watching him. He rose from the bar stool in one fluid motion and swaggered over to her chair. Dressed from head to toe in black, he carried himself assertively. He didn’t say a word to her. He simply handed her two pieces of paper, and their fingers brushed softly during the exchange. His brief touch was electric, and she jolted in surprise from the feeling. Slightly shaken, she held the papers in her hand. One was a business card. The other was a handwritten note on a folded bar napkin.

Eve began to speak, but when she looked up, he was gone. She peeked around the bar to see where he’d disappeared to, but once again, she was completely alone.

Intrigued, she pushed the glasses back on the tip of her nose to read what was written on the cards.

The business card was self-explanatory. On expensive card stock, it was embossed in dull black ink. It simply read “Malcolm Goldman – Crimson Winery”. A phone number was on it, along with other trivial information about the winery. She was more interested to see what was written on the folded napkin. She was surprised to see the elegant scrawl of his handwriting. Inspecting it closer, she found she could smell the cloying scent of his cologne wafting from the small square.

She squirmed in her seat and continued to read.


Ms. Long,

You are more beautiful that I’d anticipated, and I would love it if you’d join me in my private suite so we could talk privately.

I’d prefer it if you were dressed a bit more casually. It doesn’t have to be so formal, after all.


Malcolm Goldman

Suite 208


Normally, she would be offended by such a blatant offering. But something about him, his presence and the self-assured boldness made her appreciate his honesty. He hadn’t tried trite lines on her, and he hadn’t tried to grope her.

He simply put it out there, in back and white. Brutal honesty was something she could appreciate. In fact, it was fucking hot.

Eve gathered her belongings and headed to the bathroom in the bar. Locking the door behind her, she unbuttoned her blouse and folded it neatly. She unzipped her black narrow skirt and slipped it down over her hips. She was thankful she was wearing one of her nicest bra and panty sets from La Perla. Sexy and sheer, the black lace accentuated her full breasts and curves. She left on her thigh high stockings and tugged on her trench coat, tying the belt around her waist.

She glanced at herself in the mirror, inspecting her hair and makeup with a critical eye. Her lipstick was still neatly applied and her blue eyes were lined lightly with black kohl. Giving her head a quick shake, it tumbled around her shoulders in thick blond waves.

She was ready.

Tucking her clothes in her bag, she unlocked the door and headed back into the lobby. Her heels clicked over the marble floor and when heads turned her way at the sound, she flushed. Even though she was completely covered, she felt totally naked under her trench coat.

She jabbed the up button on the elevator and rubbed her lips together as she waited for the doors to open. If Malcolm Goldman wanted a show, he was going to get one.

The doors parted and she stepped inside. She reached over and pressed the large two and watched the doors close and felt the subtle jolt as the car began its ascent to the second floor.

The elevator chimed and slid to a stop. She strode into the hallway and headed down the hallway to Suite 208. With each step, her reservations fell away. Never in a million years did she think she’d even consider fucking a potential client. Yet here she was, heading down the long hallway, ready to seduce the sexy man inside.

Eve passed suite 206 when she heard a door click open. To her amazement, Malcolm Goldman stood in the open doorway ahead of her. He’d unbuttoned his dress shirt at the collar, leaving more of his neck exposed. He was taller than she’d thought as he slouched against the frame, staring at her intently. He grinned smugly as he stared down at her.

Determination surged through her. He thought he would be the one to seduce her. Oh no. She would have her way with him.

Many times, if she was lucky.

She didn’t say a word when she brushed by him and walked into his room, placing her bag on the chair. She walked to the bed and lowered herself to the stark white duvet and rested her weight on her hands behind her.

“So Mr. Goldman, is this casual enough for you?”

He moved to stand in front of her. At least six-foot-four, he crossed his arms and casually leaned against the chair.

“You still have on too many clothes.”

His voice was slightly accented and a deep baritone. His mouth curled up at the corners and he flicked open the buttons on each of his shirtsleeves.

She cocked an eyebrow and tipped her head back. “Oh?”

His fingers traveled over each button on his dress shirt. Each one opened and revealed more and more of his olive skin. She felt her breath hitch, but she remained poker-faced and as cool as a cucumber.

“I thought we had business to discuss, Mr. Goldman,” Eve said softly. Her eyes continued to watch his every move as he shrugged out of his shirt and draped it over the back of the chair. He resumed his earlier pose with his arms crossed under his lean, muscular chest.

“I’d like to get to know you. Intimately, Genevieve.” Malcolm murmured. He chuckled and unbuckled his belt. “I think it’s better to really know a person before you do business, don’t you?”

Boldly, she stood and sidled up to him. The use of her full name infuriated her, but she liked the way it rolled off his tongue and she wisely chose to let it go. There were other ways to make him pay.

She met his gaze through his smoky glasses and placed one finger on the side of his cheek. She dragged her fingernail down over his jaw and neck, stepping in closer. “If we do this, we do it my way. Got it?”

Wordlessly, he nodded and stood. “I’m at your disposal. What shall you do with me?”








A Taste of Divine…an excerpt from “The Alley” @AlexAnthony80 #Books #Erotica


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I’m going to share a teaser from Divine: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories.

I’m going to share an excerpt from Story #6, entitled ‘The Alley”. Please note it is NSFW and contains graphic language and material not appropriate for those under 18.

Divine big



Samantha dragged me out of the bar with a drunken giggle, tugging me into the dark alley. Her high heels clicked staccato over the concrete and from time to time, she’d glance over her shoulder at me and offer a saucy wink. She didn’t stop until we were safely away from the view of the street, nestled in the semi-darkness between the streetlight and the shadow from the adjoining building next door.

Satisfied that we were alone and in her choice of locations, her brown eyes narrowed seductively as she pushed me against the dumpster with an aggressive shove. Her soft lips pressed against my neck, her teeth biting along my jaw. One tiny hand slipped under my zipped jacket and the other rubbed greedy circles over my denim-covered cock. She was extremely drunk and tremendously horny.

I shouldn’t complain. She was the kind of thing men dreamed about. She was fuck hot with her long brown hair and flawless features. She was smart and she was witty. Better yet, she was a hellcat in the sack.

I had the scars to prove it.

And right now, she had no intention of waiting until we made it home to jump me. Her intentions were made crystal clear with her next bold statement. “I want your fucking cock in my mouth. Right now.”

“Sam…” I groaned. I was rock hard and her nimble little hands weren’t helping the situation. The more she rubbed, the harder my cock became. It pressed uncomfortably against the metal of my zipper, begging to be set free.

“Shhh…” Samantha slurred loudly. She pressed closer to me, her full breasts almost spilling out of the top of her low cut sweater enticingly. She batted her eyelashes innocently. “I want you, Ryan. And I can feel how much you want me. So c’mon big boy, tell me you want me to suck your big cock. Tell me.”

“Goddamn it, Sam. You wanna play this game now?”

She pouted, her lower lip sticking out adorably. She swayed from side to side a bit and gripped my crotch possessively. “Tell me. Pretty please?”

I wanted her to suck my cock. I wanted to bury it deep in her throat and cum like a motherfucker. I just hated to sound desperate about the situation. I did have a bit of pride.

“Please…” she cajoled. She looked so damned forlorn; I felt my pride take a backseat to what she wanted and what I needed.

“Samantha, I want you to suck my big cock.” I leaned in closer until our lips touched and our noses brushed. I decided to up the ante. “In fact, I want you to suck me until I cum down your throat.”

Her cloudy eyes cleared and widened as she pulled away. Flashing a smile that would have put the Cheshire cat to shame, her hands dropped to my waist and she began impatiently tugging and yanking at my pants. Gritting my teeth, I felt her fingers deftly flick open the button of my jeans. I think she purposely took her time lowering the zipper, tine by tine.

By the gleam in her eyes, I was willing to wager my paycheck that she was enjoying every fucking moment of my torture.

My pants sagged and my cock fell into her waiting hand. Tossing her hair over one shoulder, she sank to her knees with surprising grace. Staring up at me boldly, she stroked my shaft and her tongue snaked out, teasingly circling the head. She pulled it into her mouth, sucking on the head softly. My hands laced in her hair and with a gently shove, my cock slid into her waiting hot, wet little mouth.

Watching her was incredibly erotic. I’d seen her do it a hundred times and it never got old. She gave head like she meant it…like she lived for it. She moaned and her cheeks hollowed as she eagerly sucked me. Her head bobbed and the mind-blowing heat and suction of her mouth was pure ecstasy. I was close. It would only require a few more strokes of her warm tongue and I’d cum, just like she wanted.

She hummed softly and the vibrations coursed through me. Her hands gripped my ass, her fingernails sinking into the cheeks. That was all it took. I exploded into her greedy mouth. I saw stars and my knees buckled as she continued to lick and suck me, easing me down from my high. With a pop, Samantha released my cock and smiled up at me, licking her swollen, pink lips.

Even though I’d just unloaded in her mouth, the sight of her on her knees in front of me, her tongue swiping across her lips made me come unhinged and I was hard once again.

“Pull up your fucking skirt,” I growled. I pushed off the side of the dumpster and backed her against the wall of the alley.

Turn about was fair play, after all. She was about to get her comeuppance.

She blinked as if my words didn’t register for a moment. Finally, she hiked her skirt up around her waist. She stood against the brick wall in a thong, her swollen lips shining and her hair a wild halo around her head. Her cheeks were flushed and her chest heaved with every breath she took.

“Tell me you want me to fuck your sweet pussy, Sam.” I cooed sweetly. I buried my nose in her hair and nuzzled her roughly. “And say it like you mean it…’cause I know you want it. You do, don’t you?”


Divine: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories is available





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